Services provided: UI design, branding and consulting.
Tools used: Adobe XD, illustrator, Photoshop.

Bollywish is a video greeting  website where Bollywood celebrities offer personalized video messages to fans and followers. The site follows the same concept as Cameo but the focus is solely on the East Indian Market.  

This project was created by Goyal Group and it’s currently in development. 


Bollywish is based on the same concept as The Wysh, Cameo, Celebvm, Greetzly and more – celebrities offer personalized video messages for a fee, the user orders them through the site, the celeb records it on their phone and fulfills the order.

This project had a very limited budget. The client’s initial goal was to create the front end design for website users, but hold off on the front end design for the Bollywood celebrities. The idea was to start working on the project, engage potential investors/partners and only then finish the entire front end system.      

Card Sorting

Low-Fi Prototype


The initial plan was to attract as many Bollywood celebrities as possible, manage them/the video orders manually, and at the same time attract investors or partners, raise funds and then develop the entire system. In my opinion it’s a backwards plan but sometimes I have to change my thought process in order to accommodate the client’s needs/wants/budget. My goal here was to create simple, familiar, “addictive” design patterns and make sure that the UI is visually pleasing and intuitive.    

Brand + Styling

I created the logo and branding based on classic Bollywood movies – lights, glitz, glam and bold colours, but didn’t want to make it look cheesy. I presented the client with 3 different sketches and then developed/polished their final choice. For the website itself  I kept in mind that each celebrity will be uploading their own videos/photos and there’s going to be A LOT of different colours (from their images and video content) so I left a lot of white space and used only a little bit of accent colours.

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