Children of Art Colouring books
Services provided: Colouring book design, book editing, videography, photography, copywriting.
Tools used: InDesign, illustrator, Photoshop, Canon DSLR, Premiere Pro.

Children of Art Foundation was a nonprofit organization that helped people heal through art and worked to alleviate the stigma surrounding mental illness. The organization had a unique business model – instead of relying on donations and federal grants, the team created products and services to support the communities they work with and the growth of the organization.

The first product Children of Art created was a colouring book. The drawings were submitted by over twenty artists. I was the book editor, I supervised all the editors, I improved and redrew some pieces.

It All Started with some drawings...

This initiative was driven by COA’s volunteers who wanted to contributed their talent to this product. We received drawings from multiple artists who submitted phone pics or scanned images. We assigned a small team of editors who chose the best drawings and then traced all of the images in illustrator.

Gallery credits: sea turtle: Lisa Hau, flying flamingo: Zoe Johnson, tiger: Emily Lemoin, Bird: Taylor Sutthery, Monkey: Jesse Daniel, lizard pond: Jamie Kan. Image editing: Me. The original image is on the right, the edited version is on the left.

The Results

For the book cover I coloured the featured image (drawn by Jane Lu) with pencil crayons, photographed it, and designed the book cover using the COA brand guide. 

Additionally the COA team decided to create colouring T-shirts featuring some of the art from the book. I created the Mockups in photoshop.

Throughout the entire creation process, I filmed and photographed everything that the COA team has created. The idea was to eventually launch the book and show potential buyers and the online community how this whole idea came about, and what drove the artists behind this project.