Geek Gift Registry
Services provided: UX-UI design.
Tools used: Adobe XD, illustrator, Photoshop.

Geek Gift Registry is a geek toy directory, helping collectors find and sort through brands, companies and popular toy lines. The website allows members to create wish lists and easily share them with loved ones (so they can make educated decisions when purchasing geeky gifts.)  

This project was created by Adasha Enterprise and it’s currently in development. 


GGR is not an online store – it’s a product directory. The items in this directory are generated by an API. Once a user finds the item they’ve been looking for, they can either save it to their wish list or purchase it by clicking on the ‘buy’ command which will then redirect them to the online store offering this product. 

Users can browse the directory without logging in or signing up but in order to create a personalized, sharable wish list they must create an account. 

Currently GGR is focusing on the MVP which is simply creating the directory (without account creation.)  

Card Sorting

Site Map

Low-Fi Prototype

High-fi UI

This front end system is fairly simple so the UI had to be easy to navigate and intuitive. The products are obviously centre stage, GGR’s business model is based on affiliate links, therefore it’s important to “seduce” the user with everything they would hope to find (and buy) through this directory. I wanted to make sure that sorting through products is easy and once a user decides to make a purchase they are immediately redirected to the product page on the origin store. 

The idea of saving and sending your personalized wish list could potentially attract a large number of users if done correctly – the user shouldn’t feel like they have to go the extra mile to create or share their list – all they need to do is click a plus button (located by the product image) and the product is added to their list.

Brand + Styling

This project had a slim budget so we had to skip the branding process. Initially, GGR was chosen by RED Academy to be designed and developed as apart of the Interaction design program by the students, so we agreed to use the logo they  created and I only needed to chose the colour palette and the typography.  

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