Media Production

My creative career started in entertainment; I was a professional singer and performed live/recorded vocals and voice overs in different studios. Over the years I gained photography, videography and video editing skills. Currently, I combine all of these mediums to create visual content, marketing material and instructional/tutorial videos

Services offered: instructional/tutorial video production, online course production, videography, voice overs, podcast production, animation/motion graphics and photography. 

On-Camera / Voice Overs

I create video tutorials, social media content, ads, animation (production) and instructional videos. Services offered: Custom video tutorial production including scripting, voiceovers, on-camera hosting, screen captures and editing, online course production, promo videos, animation production and ads.

Video Production

Throughout my career I had the opportunity to film interesting people and projects in the arts, technology, food, education, and wellness industries.

This video compilation presents some of the projects I have produced.

Services offered: videography, video editing, motion graphics.

Voice Demos

With years of experience making all sorts of noises, I’ve gained a wide vocal range and strong voice acting skills. I currently offer voice over services either at your studio or at my home studio. I’m able to deliver final, polished voice clips, or edit a voice track into an existing video. Additionally, I offer podcast production and editing services.   

Services offered: voice overs and scripting, podcast production, vocal arrangement/performance/production and composing.  


Photography offers instant artistic gratification to the photographer and it tells an entire story within one frame. This art form is the one activity that makes me shut up and patiently anticipate the perfect moment when lighting and composition meet up.  

All of the photos on this page were taken by me as part of branding/content/marketing projects, team headshots, travel imagery, and photo editing projects. 

Services offered: marketing/creative/product photoshoots, team headshots, photo editing.

Animation Production

I jump on every opportunity to make some noise in animation projects or video games, and in 2010 I started creating my dream animation show.

I collaborated with Jeremy Scott, Alex Greenberg and Miles Forester to create Laura May Diaries; an adult oriented cartoon series. In 2013 we pitched it on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) and it was a rollercoaster! To learn more, you can view this case studies.

Services offered: animation production.

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