Services provided: Concept development, UX-UI design.
Tools used: illustrator, Photoshop, Invision.

UpStart is a concept mobile platform that lets users share, rate and review startup ideas. The app functions like“Hot or Not” but instead of scoring appearances, users have the opportunity to rate or review startup ideas, upload their own concepts, conduct user testing, and connect with other creators!

I created this project while in design school but I still think this idea has merit and could be very useful for idea makers and entrepreneurs.  


The Problem: Everyone has a great idea but the road to successfully executing a product or a service is pretty bumpy and expensive.

The Solution: a social app that can lead to real feedback, market research, user testing and collaborations. 

This product could be very useful for inventors or entrepreneurs who look to test the market and see how the public perceive their products or ideas. 

The Goal: create “addictive” patterns that hook the user by using familiar gestures and an intuitive UI.  

User Flow

From the second the user logs in to the app, it needs to feel familiar. I wanted to make sure that users find their way around the app easily, and I based most of my research on the Tinder/Hot or Not model.


This kind of product needs to look playful yet subtle. I didn’t want to overwhelm the user with too many colours or shapes or heavy typography. The real hero of each profile is the startup, the idea or product that the user is presenting. So I focused on clean design, simple typography and minimal accents.

UI + Prototype

This prototype illustrates the flow of the app and how the user interacts with the product. This is a low fidelity version, and the inventions/ideas were found on a google search for the “weirdest ideas ever.” I will (in the near future) change all of the product pages into real ideas. 

After the initial set up, the user can browse ideas/startups and rate them. The sticky footer makes the navigation around the app easy, and users can’t “get lost” in the app. Once a user has set up an account, the app opens on the “view profiles” screen.   

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